Maulana M. Ali Farooqui

Maulana M. Ali Farooqui

Maulan Mohammed Ali Farooqui is the Successor (Khalifha) of Mohsine millat Hazarat Allama Hamid Ali farooqui (May Allah be pleased with him) He was born in Raipur Chattisgard. He received the initial education from madarsa Islahul Muslemeen from his father and side by side completed high school after that he spent one year in madarsa faizul Uloom jamshedpur under the supervision of Allama Arshadul Qadri then went to Al Jamiatul Ashrafia the famous Arabic University in Mubarakpur UP for the higher education. he was in the last bach of students of hafize Millat. he acquired the certificates of Adeeb Mahir amd Kamil from Aligad urdu University and B.A degree from Azad university Haydrabad AP.After completing his education he became the in charge of madarsa Islahul Muslimeen darul yatama Raipur and started his career as a professor of Arabic subject in Ravi Shankar(RS) university raipur CG.Maulana Mohammed Ali Farooqui’s positions and works at a glance.

After his father’s demise, he was appointed as the principal and director of the institution but at that time he did not complete his education so for the higher education he went to Madras Fazul Uloom Jamshedpur(Tatnagar) and then to the famous Arabic University Ashrafia Mubarakpur Azamgarh. Upon his return in 1976 he took all the responsibilities of the institution until today.

Where he focused in Islamic education, he equally paid attention towards the worldly education also and founded Mohsine millat Unani Tibb education society in May,8,1990 as secretary whose president and manager were Mr.Mahmood Ali farooqui (D.J.) and Maulana Akber Ali Farooqui. he got the recognition of Tibbiya college through CCIM ( central council Indian medicine) in 2001 and served this society with full spirit and dedication till 2004. In 2004 he gave this responsibility to his younger brother maulana Akber Ali Frooqui and now he is focusing towards Hamid Ali education society. He is willing to open branches of Hamid Ali Society as more as possible every where in Chattisgarh state. His dream is to make the Chattisgarh state one of the best Islamic states. He is the Chairman of Hamid Ali Education Society and his younger brother Mr Zafar Ali farooqui is the general secretary of this society.

Positions he acquired :

  • Principal of madarsa Islahul Muslemeen darul yatama Raipur CG.
  • IslamicJudge(QazieShahar)
  • Editor  Mahnama Mohsine Millat (Monthly Article)
  • Chairman of Hamid Ali education Society.
  • Vice president of All India Muslim Personal law Board.(new)
  • Vice president All India Qazi Council.
  • President of Chattisgarh tanzeem froogh Urdu.
  • President of Anjuman Mussnefeen Chhattisgarh.
  • Patron Anjum tarraqi Urdu and Persian.

Moreover, he received the Memento and one lack cash by the president of India Mr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

He is also a good writer, Books written by Maulana Mohammed Ali Farooqui :

  • Masjide Aqsa se Gumbade Khazara tak (Urdu)
  • Imam Ahmed raza per sahyuniat ki Yalghar ( Urdu)
  • Islami Taleem aour Maghribi Taleem ka Bunyadi ferq (Urdu)
  • Imam Ahmed Raza Shuddhi andolan ( Urdu)
  • Hazarat Mohsine millat( Urdu)
  • Madhey Bharat ka azeem Maseeha ( Hindi)
  • Paighambre Islam aour 21 wain sadi (Hindi)
  • Paighambre Islam aour wishv kranti ( Hindi)
  • Zal zala (Hindi)
  • Panj surae razvia( Hindi)
  • Ashiqe rasul( Imam Ahmed raza) (Hindi)
  • Qutbe Raj gand pur ( Hindi)
  • Tajul Aulia (Hindi)
  • Raipur Ki Bahaar ( Hindi)
  • Tazkerae Burhane millat( Hindi)
  • Islam aour Moa’sherah ( Hindi)
  • Tableeghee jamat aour Islam ( Hindi)
  • Babri masjid tareekh ke aine main( Hindi)
  • Barah mahene ki Moqaddas Duain( Hindi)
  • Hajj ki Duain( Hindi)

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