Who was Mohsin-e-Millat? Mohsine Millat was the disciple and khalifa of Aala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi( May Allah be pleased with him). He was the highly educated person and matchless spiritual guide of his time. he was born in Qazipur Chandaha Allahabad U.P. in 1889. His father Hazrat Shakir Ali farooqui was the landlord of Bihar village Distt Pratapgarh U.P. He was descendent to Sayedana Farooque Azam (radiallah anhu) and related to Baba Faridduddin (Baba Fareed ganj shakker) in 17 generation. He received in initial education in his village then went to Frangimahal Lucknow and Bareli Sharif for the higher education. in Arabic he got the graduation in 1919AD,1338 H. In 1920 he came to Raipur city inspired by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Ajmeri while India was getting rid of the English regime then he participated in it and went to Jail on July 19,1922 under the panel code of 144 A. On 12 December 1923 he came out from the jail and felt that this area is actually in need of the spiritual guide who can help people in their life so he decided to settle down and open the Islamic school and finally founded the madrsa and named it madrsa Islahul Muslemeen Darul Yatama that’s the time  madrsa came into the existence. he was fully dedicated to serve the Islam and Muslims for the sack of Allah SWT. For this purpose he had to go village to village to establish the mosques and Islamic schools. He continued this divine work until the last moment of his life. His demise took place on April, 25, 1968.His holy Shrine is in fatehshah campous at Raipur CG.Hazrat Mohsine millat used to say :

  1. I will continue impart the education until each and every child of our society is full of Islamic education./li>
  2. In Islamic world I want to see the luck of our children more brighter than stars.
  3. I want to lit the candle of education even into those thick jungle and dark caves which are still in need of light.
  4. I dedicated my life for the enlistment of the muslim millat.

His Children: He had two sons and two daughters. 1) Maulana Farooque Ali Farooqui 2) And Mehmood Ali Farooqui who is Retired D&S Judge. Maulana Farooque Ali Farooqui was the true successor of Mohsin-e-Millat.     Mission of Maulana Farooque Ali Farooqui. He founded 32 Mosques, 7 Madrsa and 3 schools specially developed Urdu education Society and established Anglo Urdu Higher Secondary school which is one of the biggest educational center in this area. He wanted to establish a big urdu university in this area but unfortunately he didn’t have the enough time to come up with his plan. He passed away soon after his father’s demise He had only one and half year after his father. He passed away on July 1969. If he had a little more time then this center would be the biggest center in today’s time. He had 5 sons and 4 daughters.

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